While the service starts promptly at 10:30, there is stuff going on well before that. The worship team is making sure they are ready, and the refreshment team is preparing liquid happiness (you know…coffee!). The A-V team is making last-minute adjustments while the Greeters are getting into place. Sunday School Teachers are reviewing their material, the library is open to borrow books, and the morning is being bathed in prayer.

You should come. Come early and enjoy some coffee or tea. Enjoy some conversation. But don’t come expecting perfection, because you’ll be disappointed.   We’re not perfect. We just love God, and we have a desire to follow Jesus’s teaching. We spend our morning in worship*, connecting with God, trying to figure out life, and how the Bible can have an impact on us. So…join us for the journey.

*Worship takes on different forms. It is done through singing, praying, listening, reading Scripture, giving tithes and offerings, clapping, etc. etc. It’s your time to connect with God as you see fit. You want to sit? Sit. Want to stand? You can stand. Put your hands in your pockets or raise them up. Sway back and forth or lean forward with your head bowed low. (I think you get the point).

Oh…and come as you are. You’ll see some people dressed in suits. Others in dresses. Some will be wearing a Salvation Army uniform. Sneakers are fine, and t-shirts also fit the concept of ‘come as you are’. Even one of our worship leaders wears jeans…so wear what you like.

This is what a “typical” Sunday morning service looks like (approx. 70-75 minutes):

Welcome/Announcements/Call to Worship

1 or 2 Congregational songs (don’t know the words? Can’t carry tune? No problem…just let the music and words affect your soul!)

Giving of Tithes and Offerings (guests and newcomers aren’t expected to give, so don’t feel guilty!)

Scripture Reading & Prayer

More Music (at some point during this time, the children will be encourage to leave for their special time of instruction).

Pastor’s Talk

Short Reflection Time (some time to think about what was just said, and to take some quiet time to figure out how to apply it to your life)

Closing Song