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Sunday, September 25th, 2016

by Carroll Croutch

What an exciting few weeks we have had at the Lindsay Salvation Army Community Church as Major Gerry has talked to us on the three mission statements of our church. First he spoke about the need to win others for Jesus.  None of the churches in this town are full and there are plenty of […]

Sunday, June 5th, 2016

by Carroll Croutch

Last week we focused on marriage; on the relationship between a man and a woman and God’s vision for that relationship. We need to build a Household of Faith with Christ as the Cornerstone of that Home. God, our Father, (our parent) is Holy and he has high standards for us.  They are for our […]

Sunday, April 17th, 2016

by Carroll Croutch

If you have been at church the last two Sundays you have been hearing about Living Well – Living Right; Major Gerry’s new sermon series. In week one we learned that the Bible (in particular, the book of Proverbs) has a LOT of wisdom for us about how to live our life as God’s child. […]

Sunday, April 10th 2016

by Jeff Robertson

I don’t think it’s a stretch to suggest that we all want to live a good life.  But living a good life and “living well” could be very different things, based on your experiences, understanding and desires.  King Solomon’s writings in the book of Proverbs help guide us in understanding what living “well” really means. […]

Easter Sunday

by Jeff Robertson

Easter remains one of my favourite times of the year. Not only does it represent the departure of Winter and arrival of Spring, it’s a time to celebrate the resurrection power. Being a musician, I love the variety of good music to help celebrate each facet of Easter. As Worship Leader this Sunday, I will […]