I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all of my heart.”  Psalm 9:1

It is not always easy to give thanks, but this is the very thing we must do in order to see God’s will accomplished in our lives. This is how we move into higher realms of faith for ourselves, for our city, and for our nation. When we give thanks in the midst of difficulty, we bring pleasure to God’s heart and breakthrough begins. He is looking for people who live in a realm of praise and thanksgiving where the enemy no longer has an ability to hold or manipulate. Satan is defeated when we have a thankful heart because thankfulness is a sacrifice pleasing to God. Are you thankful?

Are you thankful for your present circumstances?

Are you thankful for your salvation, your friendships, and your job?

Are you thankful for the way God made you?

 Thankfulness is a key! It is the key that turns your situation around because it changes you, your outlook, and your attitude. There is power in a thankful heart. Thanksgiving brings contentment. An attitude of thanksgiving accepts and embraces God’s will. Begin to thank God for all the blessings he has given instead of dwelling on the negative. Discontent dries up the soul.

The Bible says that having a thankful heart is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. When we begin to thank God for what we have, it opens the door for God’s blessings. Think of ways you can verbally offer God the sacrifice of thanksgiving.

Here are a few based upon Psalm 136:

  1. GOD THE CREATOR (vv4-9) Romans 1:1- Genesis 1:1 – Isaiah 26:9 – Psalm 8:3-4
  1. GOD THE SAVIOUR (vv23-24) Luke 23:42 – Hebrews 13:5 – Exodus 12:13 – 1 John 2:2
  1. GOD THE PROVIDER (v25) Matthew 6:26 – Acts 14:17 – Philippians 4:19

 “Come to me with a Thankful Heart, so that you can enjoy my Presence”