Last week we focused on marriage; on the relationship between a man and a woman and God’s vision for that relationship. We need to build a Household of Faith with Christ as the Cornerstone of that Home.

God, our Father, (our parent) is Holy and he has high standards for us.  They are for our own good.  He knows what is best for us and has our best interest at heart (as all good parents do).

This week we will lift our voices in praise because His Love for us is amazing and He is always faithful.  We can count on Him like sailors count on a Lighthouse to guide them safely to shore.  He has provided his Word to guide us in every area of our lives. The sermon focus this week is on parenting.  Even if you aren’t a parent, you are probably related to some parents and some children… and you come into contact with them…so I am sure we can all learn something from God’s Word on this topic.

It is only as we learn to Trust and Obey our Heavenly Father that we can possibly become equipped for one of the most important jobs on this planet… raising the next generation.  With God’s help, we will raise them to love Him, live for Him and be effective witnesses for Him.

Are you prepared to say TAKE MY LIFE and let it be consecrated Lord to Thee?  Are you ready to take a stand and declare “ TODAY, AS FOR ME AND MY HOUSE  we will serve the Lord.  “

I look forward to seeing you in God’s House this Sunday; ready to worship and ready to be challenged in your spiritual life as well as your day to day life.

God is not finished with any of us yet.

Until the Lord’s Day – God Bless!