If you have been at church the last two Sundays you have been hearing about Living Well – Living Right; Major Gerry’s new sermon series.

In week one we learned that the Bible (in particular, the book of Proverbs) has a LOT of wisdom for us about how to live our life as God’s child.

There is something for everyone and the information can be applied to your life today.

In week two we were urged to Seize the Day!  We should not procrastinate or make excuses.  There are areas of our lives that we need to work on now.

WOW!  Good stuff!

So come early to get a good seat!  Front and centre.  There is more to learn about what God wants us to do!

Feel free to come earlier and grab a cup of coffee or tea and chat with other church family members.

Then, I encourage you to enter the sanctuary in reverence; take time to pray and prepare your heart for worship.  Listen to the music and the words.

The countdown song, in particular, has been chosen with words that apply to the topic we will be focusing on with our music and in God’s word.

There will be music to lift your spirit, challenge and inspire you.  (HE LIVES, HE LIVES and ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE).

There will be music to help you slow down and consider what God is saying to you. (WORD OF GOD SPEAK and I WANT TO LIVE RIGHT)

I hope you will say with me …I rejoiced with those who said to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord.”

Come with eagerness to worship the Lord together and anticipation of learning how to live well – live right.

I look forward to seeing you and worshiping with you.  Until the Lord’s Day – God Bless!