Easter remains one of my favourite times of the year. Not only does it represent the departure of Winter and arrival of Spring, it’s a time to celebrate the resurrection power. Being a musician, I love the variety of good music to help celebrate each facet of Easter. As Worship Leader this Sunday, I will be taking a similar approach I take whenever I lead, combining upbeat, celebratory praise with slow, thought-provoking worship. Introspection is an important part of worship. Understanding who we are, who God is, and drawing closer to Him is my goal for everyone each week.

Worship this Sunday will be focusing on the Easter message that we need to BELIEVE….because He is risen. Through music, prayer and digging into the Bible, we will worship the God who loves us, saves us, and wants us to be like His Son, Jesus.

The music portion of worship this week will combine newer and older ‘contemporary’ music with classic Easter songs such as Christ The Lord Is Risen Today and Jesus Paid It All. The brass band will provide a selection it has been working on, and I know the tunes will be a blessing to many. It will be a hand-clapping, soul-searching, heart-smiling time together.

Join us this Sunday, and celebrate Jesus!